Mental Health is still a Taboo and no one come forward to accept it.  At one side number of patients are increasing and on other side less awareness put them in miserable situation to suffer.   Most of the family ignore it and do not support the way they should.    Moreover, there’s shame to approach doctors as well.

People take it as mental disorder and prefer to make them better by ignoring them which is completely wrong.  Depression , Anxiety patients actually needs support , human around them. They need some one to share their problem , they need someone to motivate them.   In short , Human approach and human feeling can make them strong to come out of this and With this vision I have created platform where Anybody can approach us , can share their problem and we try our best to make him / her out of that situation.  If needed, we arrange psychologist  session.  Many of the patients feel much better after the conversation through the page and that’s the biggest gift for us.


We plan to attend any patients even in personal if they need us or would like to support anyone through call at any time and no matter how long they require us around.    WE use word Human  Population but all go in vein if we are unable to take care the person around us who just need our attention and nothing else.

When any celebrity commit suicide , It leave us wonder after all what’s important in life..!! and that’s the support / human approach in your bad time.  I hope I can share these words and message to as many people as I can and can bring the change.



  1. Hello m suffering from depression from my financial condition. Have to think each and spend my money and to much tension regarding my education also because I study as well as do my job and now I am pursuing masters in commerce.

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